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Selling Your Home? A Bathroom Renovation is What You Need!

Sell your home faster and for your desired asking price with a bathroom renovation. Something as simple as a bathroom makeover can make a sale and it doesn’t have to involve weeks and weeks of living in a construction site. You’ll be amazed at what a difference a few simple changes can make to the most intimate room in the home. Transform your bathroom with these three simple tips and encourage those buyers to sign the contract!

The Fittings Make All the Difference

Most homes now benefit from beautiful white bathtubs and sinks, but how are the taps looking? Aging taps with water stains, limescale and even worse, mould, will not encourage the sale of your home. Removing old taps and replacing them with fittings that are beautifully designed will make a massive difference to the look and feel of the bathroom. Crosswater taps are a welcomed addition. Choose between mixer tap and shower sets to Crosswater taps for the basin and bath.

Transform the Shower with Matki Shower Enclosures

A shower is one of the best ways to start the day. Don’t let the thought of a soggy shower curtain sticking to the skin put off the buyers. Replace the curtain with a stunning Matki Shower enclosures. There are full enclosures for separate showers or simple shower screens that can be attached to the wall and sit beautifully above the bath.

The overall appeal of the shower will instantly be increased, along with the value of the home. The buyers will be eager to get in the shower to prepare for the fantastic day ahead, all they need to do is buy the house and get the keys to experience the pleasure.

Think of Everything, like Keuco Bathroom Accessories

Don’t forget the small touches as it is these that will help to improve the entire bathroom experience. You want to ensure everything is thought of so buyers leave the space knowing that there is nothing to do in the bathroom. Pick up Keuco bathroom accessories and position them carefully in the bathroom. Have a place for the towels, the toilet rolls, the bathrobe and don’t forget to organise the beautiful products too. Keep the space tidy and organised with the help of Keuco bathroom accessories and some careful thinking.

Help to sell your home with a bathroom renovation. You’ll be amazed at the difference and so will the prospective buyers. 

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