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3 Ideas for Your Ensuite

The addition of an ensuite to an existing room in your home can add value to your property as well as providing you with the convenience of bathroom facilities within close proximity to your bedroom. Geberit and Keuco accessories for your ensuite offer contemporary design features coupled with premium materials that offer long-term durability.

Here we take a look at 3 types of furnishings for your ensuite that can add a wonderful aesthetic quality to your proposed design and help you to make the most of the space that you have available.

Geberit Vanity Unit and Sink

Geberit are renowned for the high-quality builds of their bathroom furnishings and their vanity units, in particular, are an industry favourite due to their functionality and design.

Geberit provide a range of vanity units, Geberit Mirror and Geberit sink combos that are economically sized specifically with ensuite bathrooms in mind. These units are by no means miniature versions of wash basins and storage cupboards, instead they are designed with an emphasis on not using up any more space than is necessary. Whilst at the same time, they still provide the user with a comfortable amount of space to wash their hands and store their toiletries.

Keuco Mirror Cabinet

Keuco accessories match well with products in the Geberit range, as they are similarly contemporary and functional. The Keuco mirror cabinet has become one of the most popular ensuite cabinets available on the market due to its feature of glare-free lighting.

Keuco mirror cabinets are adorned with an overhang light and the mirror glass is treated with a special anti-reflective coating so as to minimise harsh lighting within the confines of your ensuite.

This soft, contemporary lighting feature helps to create an ambient environment to relax in and delicately illuminates the room, accentuating the understated beauty of Geberit and Keuco products. Keuco mirror cabinets also compliment the Keuco tap and brassware range particularly well.

Curved Shower Enclosure

Curved shower enclosures are the popular choice for ensuite bathrooms, primarily due to the amount of space that they can save. This option does not mean that your showering area has to feel cramped, in fact the addition of a curved enclosure to an ensuite actually allows for an increased showering space.

Due to the fact that floor panels and fitted screen guards are curved, the user is afforded a greater surface area for showering without the cramped feeling of a square-shaped enclosure. Much like a Geberit vanity unit, the option of a curved enclosure is a great space saver and won’t leave any harsh, edges sticking out (as would be the case with a square enclosure), thus leaving your ensuite feeling that little bit more spacious.

Consider Your Space

It is unlikely that an ensuite facility will provide you with as much space as a main bathroom, thus it is important to maximise the space that you do have available. By considering the addition of a Geberit vanity unit, some Keuco accessories or a curved shower enclosure to an ensuite you will be able to create a comfortable and more spacious room. But without forgoing contemporary style and high functionality!

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